Shana Rachael Diot grew up in Denver, Colorado. In her late-teens and twenties, she worked odd-jobs and saved for travel. Before starting at Smith College, she had traveled alone in Central America and Europe. She split her junior year abroad between Oxford and Oaxaca, Mexico. She pursued her interest in Latin American studies at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and worked for Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. Shana was studying at the Harvard School of Public Health when her mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She graduated and returned to Denver where she enrolled in evening classes at Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Lighthouse selected her to participate in a year-long manuscript program called the Poetry Collective. Most recently, she designed a Narrative Medicine workshop for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. She works full-time, and in her free time, enjoys travel, Argentine tango, and being outdoors with her husband and daughter. Her works has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, The Dewdrop, Anapest by Paragon, Other Worldly Women, Atmosphere, and Hoot 'n' Waddle.