Illustrated Book: You Are the Moon

YOU ARE THE MOON is a children's book written not just for children, but with an adult audience in mind. It is a book for parents who are grieving the loss of their own parents or grandparents. The sadness that your child will never know, or remember, the person most important to you, is a special sadness that warrants its own book. And yet, this book is not sad. Through beautiful illustrations we see how the memory of a grandparent can be a guiding force, and can continue to live on within a child. Amidst immense sadness, this is a book of hope and peace. It is a celebration of life.

Available June 2020, by Atmosphere Press
Illustrated by Mykyta Harets. Instagram: @Neeks_Art.

Poetry Book: In the Same Light 

This is a full-length collection of poems about legacy, loss, and love. The poems, which employee a wide-range of forms, explore the connections between ancestors and identity, adventure and obligation, life and death, mothers and daughters, lovers and husbands, magic and meaning. The writing is sassy and straightforward, as well as sweet and sincere. The first-person voice is critical without relinquishing the quest for beauty. Forthcoming, 2021. Hoot 'n' Waddle Press. 

Poem: The Owl

Published in Anapest, by Paragon Press, June 2020. 

Poem: Braver

Published in Isolation Shorts by The Dewdrop, May, 2020. 

Poem: Girl Recruit

Published by Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, August, 2018. 

Anthology Contributions: "The Walk-In" & "Motherblood"

Published in Summer 2020 Anthology, A Headrest for your Soul, by Other Wordly Women Press, July, 2020.